College Counsellors

Adolescence is a time of great physical and cognitive change. On top of these changes, many modern adolescents have to deal with academic pressure, peer relationship challenges, family stressors, technology, choosing who they want to be in the world and in a minority of students, emerging mental illnesses. The Guidance Counsellors at the College aim to support students as they mature to navigate the changes, meet these challenges and develop into well balanced, successful, happy adults.

Mt Maria has two full time Guidance Counsellors work collaboratively with school staff to provide school wide, small group and individual support to enhance the social emotional wellbeing of students.  Career counselling and guidance is another important role of the Guidance Counsellors.

The Counsellors can work with students and parents to provide strategies and support to respond to issues as they arise, they also provide referrals should long term support be required.

A range of support services are also available in the community and online.  Some helpful links are below:




Beyond Blue:

Student Protection Process BCE

Mt Maria Anti Bullying Brochure

MMC Anti Bullying Fact Sheet