College Counsellors

The College Counsellor makes an important contribution to the educational experience of the students at the College.

The Guidance Counsellor has a focus on enhancing the mental health and resilience of all students, including those considered at risk and those with special needs. This is achieved through systemic and individual interventions – thus contributing to equitable educational access, participation and outcomes for all students.

The Guidance Counsellor also facilitates Career Development activities including Career Counselling, Education Pathways and Information Distribution. This aspect of the role is conducted in close consultation with other College staff members especially the VET Co-ordinator and Year Co-ordinators and other relevant agencies within the community.

Career education is offered to students from Years 8-10 with the opportunity for Work Experience provided to certain students in Year 10.  As well, there is a focus on transition and extension studies for Vocational Education students to prepare them for senior schooling.

Student Protection Process BCE

Mt Maria Anti Bullying Policy 2015-2018

Mt Maria Anti Bullying Brochure

MMC Anti Bullying Fact Sheet