Past student Hanna Hoswell makes national news

​​​​Mt Maria past student Hanna Hoswell made local news ​this past week after buying a caramel sundae for a​ palliative care patient en route to hospital. Hanna, who is now a paramedic, and co-worker Kate Hanafy were called to the Gold Coast home of Sharon and Ron McCartney, for Mr McCartney's "final journey" to hospital and palliative care, Queensland Ambulance Service wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday. After learning that Mr McCartney hadn't eaten in two days, Hanna and Kate made a pit stop at McDonalds to buy Mr McCartney a caramel sundae.

​Past student Hanna Hoswell (L) with Mr McCartney's wife and daughter and fellow paramedic Kate Hanafy. (Photo supplied by Queensland Ambulance Service)

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