Parents and Friends Association

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All parents are automatically members of the Parents and Friends Association. Parents are welcome at the monthly meetings held at the College. The Executive is elected late in March each year.

Some of the main roles of the College Parents and Friends Association are:

  • To be a forum where parents share information with other parents and the College Leadership Team.
  • To be a forum for the College Leadership Team to share information with parents.
  • To form a parents' group that are consulted by the College Leadership Team and which sends delegates to the State Council of Parents' and Friends' Associations.
  • To raise funds to provide special material support for College developments.  Most of these funds are raised by the parent support levy each term, with a few social functions through the year.
  • Members of the Parents' groups are also invited to be delegates to The State Council of Parents and Friends Associations.

​Meet the P & F Team working for the Mt Maria College Community in 2021

P & F President
Leslie Williams

Bianca Punter

Simon Stephens
Secretary MMC P&F

Treasurer ​
Philippa Anticevich

​Request for Financial Assistance from the P&F for Students Gaining Sporting or Cultural Representative Honours

​From time to time students from Mt Maria College are selected in district, regional, state and national sporting teams. This normally occurs as a result of participation in representative school teams.  Sometimes, however, such honours are gained without prior school representation.  Students also perform with distinction in other fields of endeavour, such as artistic, academic or community activities.

The Parents & Friends Association considers that all such students are ambassadors for their school and deserve recognition and support.  As a result, the Association is prepared to offer financial assistance of up to $100 to the parents/guardians of such students to help offset the costs involved.

Please see the documents below for the policy for these requests, and the support application form. 

MMC Policy for financial assistance for students gaining representative honours.pdf

MMC P&F Support Application for financial assistance for student ​gaining representative honours.pdf