Mt Maria EcoMarines Aim to Reduce Waste at School

The Mt Maria EcoMarines have been busy learning new ways to reduce waste at Mt Maria College Mitchelton! The group of 4 ambassadors; Isabella Reed, Tiffany Steinitz, Morgan Barnes and Anya Page recently visited Tangalooma Island for the day to meet with other EcoMarines from surrounding schools to share their ideas and learn about our environment.

EcoMarines ambassadors, an initiative of Tangalooma EcoMarines, acquire environmental, communication and leadership skills to take action across southeast Queensland. Their long-term goal is reducing plastics and litter in our waterways and contributing to long-term positive change for Moreton Bay.

The ambassador day included lots of team building activities, but EcoMarine Isabella said that feeding the dolphins and learning about coral in our oceans were the real stand-out experiences of the day.

Year 8 student Isabella said that the trip to Tangalooma inspired the ambassadors to focus on reducing the amount of single use plastic currently being used at school.

“Our idea is to collect [a heap of] single use plastic throughout one week and present it to the whole school on an assembly,” said Isabella.

“It’s an easy way for the entire school to see how much plastic we really use, and hopefully get them excited about getting involved and making a difference.”

The ambassadors are also busily preparing a speech focussing on the environment, as part of a competition in conjunction with the Tangalooma EcoMarines program, “Kids Teaching Kids.”  The school with the best speech wins a trip to Melbourne for 2 days to participate in EcoMarines workshops.

“As soon as we heard about the competition, we were really excited and willing to work very hard to win this trip to Melbourne,” Mt Maria EcoMarine Tiffany said.

“We would love this opportunity to find new ways to protect our environment for future generations to enjoy,” said Tiffany.

The girls are busily preparing their speech every Wednesday afternoon in Term 2. The College community can’t wait to hear the finished product!