Year 12 student wins senior photography competition

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Mt Maria Year 12 student Olivia Hill

Mt Maria College Year 12 student Olivia Hill has won first place in the Senior Photography category of the EDGE Creatives Excellence in Visual & Media Arts Competition. Olivia won the category with her stunning photo of a rose, titled "Thorns and Broken Glass; A World falling Apart". 

Congratulations Olivia on a wonderful achievement. Read her artist statement below.

Olivia Hill winning photo.jpg
Olivia Hill's winning photo

The lone, isolated, perfect rose has thorns to fight of the outside world; fight off anything that may harm it. This photo may look like just another Macro flower photo, but it evokes the senses of fear, uneasiness, sadness and hurt. The selected colour pop setting on the Nikon Coolpix S9900 is simple but highlights the black and white background and brings to focus the pinks in the rose making it feel delicate. Like it could be destroyed easily. The light gently caresses the spilt water and glass making it glisten. The reflection of the rose on the floorboards reflects a darker, less beautiful, hollowed version of the rose, mirroring reality, as not everything is as it seems. Details and circumstances often require deeper observation to uncover the real from the false. The way the water and rose hits the floor from the fallen vase just out of sight was constructed to call the viewer to think more deeply as to why this would happen. Was it an accident that made the vase fall and shatter or something more? Something terribly violent.