Year 10 student makes shortlist in Young Archie Competition


This year, Mt Maria College entered five students in the Young Archie competition at the Art Gallery of NSW. The Young Archie competition has been created for young artists across Australia and has typically over 2000 entries per year.  We congratulate Setayish Abdi, pictured above with the portrait of her grandfather which was shortlisted for this competition. Well done Setayish on this wonderful achievement. 

Below is the beautifully written artist statement by Setayish Abdi which accompanies her portrait titled: “Grandad”
Setayish Abdi.JPG 
“Grandad” by Setayish Abdi

"A young boy who instead of a school uniform wore the uniform of a man. This is a journey of a boy who lost everything in WWII. He fled his country and all that had ever defined him. Like two ‘merging paths’, one from the East and him from the West, we meet. He sees his reflection within me, a girl with a hopeless past but also with a sweltering determination. He has loved and supported me more than anyone could. In this oil painting portrait, I have aimed to capture his past grief and sacrifice through his eyes but a hopeful and blessed future within his smile. His wrinkles are so deeply engraved that they tell of a ‘man’, no longer a boy. His name is Eric and I call him Grandad."