Stewardship Committee Saving Injured Animals with Mascara Wands

​Members of the  Mt Maria Stewardship Committee donating their mascara wands for Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers

Mt Maria's Stewardship Committee have been thinking of new ways for the College Community to help the environment, and your beauty bag might be the answer!

The Committee have created a donation box to accept mascara wands to be sent to the Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers. Animals that have been injured or orphaned are often taken into care by animal shelters like Tweed Valley. The Wildlife Carers use the clean mascara wands to help clean baby animals and remove fly eggs and larva from their fur. 

Year 11 student and Stewardship Committee member, Madi Brennan, put a call out to the College Community this week to rifle through their make-up bags.

"If anyone reading has any old mascara wands at home, send them in [to the College] to help the animals," Madi said.