Students who have a connection to and feel safe in their environment are more likely to have good attendance and experience academic success.  At Mt Maria it is a priority for us that students are provided with a safe environment that they can take pride in and where they can develop their confidence, social connection, and purpose.  Below are some of the activities and resources provided at Mt Maria that supports students' connection to the school and environmental wellbeing: Copy of Wellbeing Week.png

  • Well-developed behaviour management and anti-bullying policies that are supported by all staff.  Read more about what we do here: Mt Maria College Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies
  • Personal Development Program and HPE lessons that educate students on how to identify, respond to, and seek help for concerns regarding bullying and peer relationships.
  • Personal Development Program provides target lessons on consent and respectful relationships.
  • Stewardship committee:  Student led committee that focuses on caring for our environment that runs various activities throughout the year to promote sustainability and connection to the earth.  Examples of past events can be found here: Students Clean Up Mt Maria Stewardship Committee Saving Injured Animals with Mascara Wands (
  • Student Protection Contacts are specially trained staff who provide support and advice to other staff and students regarding student protection and safety concerns.  Student Protection Contacts are promoted within our community on posters in each classroom.
  • The Student Representative Council are a team of students from across all year levels who are passionate about making positive changes in at Mt Maria College. The Council advocates for students to have a say in the decisions that impact their school experience at Mt Maria.  Student Representative Council Introduced for 2020 (