Past Students Group


​​​​Welcome to the Mt Maria College Past Students Group!

Mt Maria College Mitchelton Past Students Group (MMCMPSG) is an important part of the College and the local community and was established in October 2012. It exists to:

  • Foster the welfare and maintain the honour and traditions of Mt Maria College Mitchelton, Mt Maria College Enoggera and Marcellin College Enoggera.
  • Maintain contact with former students and encourage their ongoing interest in the life and wellbeing of the future of Mt Maria College, Mitchelton.
  • Foster new and ongoing fellowship between former students of the Colleges
  • Promote the interests and well-being of MMCMPSG and the students of Mt Maria College Mitchelton, whether financially, gifts in kind, or otherwise.
  • Communicate the views of MMCMPSG in relation to Mt Maria Mitchelton activities and support those activities wherever possible.
  • Secure the cooperation of all former students in furthering the interests of MMCMPSG and to promote unity and good fellowship.

To ensure you are kept up to date with the latest news and to see what your old classmates are up to, we invite you to join the Past Students Group.

Alternatively for more information, please contact


We invite you to read Past Student’s Group publications “MMC CONNECT” 

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MMC Connect 2nd Edition September 2016

MMC Connect 3rd Edition October 2017