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At Mt Maria College we recognise that student wellbeing is a vital ingredient for ensuring that each student reaches their personal potential.  It is important to us that each student develops the skills to achieve in all areas of their life, and this includes coping with normal stressors of life, working well with others, and contributing to the community.  Mt Maria College is a school community built on the relationships and principles of a loving Christian family. This means the needs of each student are addressed in a spirit of partnership, shared responsibility, and mutual support. Therefore, our approach to supporting student wellbeing is one that that engages the student, school staff, carer​s, parents, and our wider community to create a safe and supportive environment that nurtures strong minds and ignites compassionate hearts.  At Mt Maria College we have a wide variety of programs and activities, embedded in the daily life of the college, that all contribute to supporting student wellbeing.  Click on a domain below to find out more about what we do. 

​Mt Maria Wheel of Wellbeing​​​

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​Mt Maria’s Wheel of Wellbeing framework has been developed by our Pastoral Team and is based on evidenced based approaches to the promotion student wellbeing in schools.  It encompasses five key “domains” of targeted support for students: Mind, Spirit, Body, Place, and Connection.  Each of these domains rest upon the bedrock of our Marist values that acknowledges the importance of partnership, shared responsibility and mutual support in the care of our students.  

Our Pastoral Care team

​The wellbeing and care of our students is a fundamental aspect of Marist Catholic education. The College places significant emphasis on our Pastoral Care Program based on the philosophy of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, founder of the Marist Brothers.​

​Resources for Parents

​Our College Pastoral Care team has put together a range of helpful resources for parents and families. 

Resources for Students​

​Our College Pastoral Care team has put together a range of helpful resources for​ students. 

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