Learning in Year 9 & 10

​In Years 9 & 10, there is a continuation of study of the Key Learning Areas, with the opportunity to specialise in a range of semester-long electives. The focus of learning in these years aims to assist students to hone their meta-cognitive, academic research, literacy, and numeracy skills. Students select a range of elective subjects in these years with the ultimate goal being that by the middle of Year 10 they have an idea of what they would like to study in Years 11 & 12.

Subjects offered in Years 9 & 10 are:​

MathematicsEconomics and Business
ScienceVisual Art
HistoryMedia Studies
Health & Physical EducationDrama
Religion Design Technology - Food Specialisation
Design Technology - Materials
 Design Technology - Construction
 Digital Technology
 Ancient History (Year 10)
 Civics (Year 10)