MMC introduces Therapy Dog

​​​It is with great excitement that we introduce a new school initiative our Therapy Dog Chesney  a 1-year-old Jack Russell Terrier to support the mental health and wellbeing of students in our Mt Maria College Community.

The Mt Maria Therapy Dog Team, consisting of Guidance Counsellor Deena Cooper and Chesney the Jack Russell Terrier, have been out and about this week meeting the students and getting Chesney used to the sights and sounds of the College.  Chesney is so excited to be at Mt Maria in her first official week of work.  She has enjoyed meeting some of the students, showing off her some of her tricks, and generally spreading joy about the place.  This year our Therapy Dog team will be working with other members of our Pastoral Care Team to support various initiatives such as, supporting student attendance, community building activities, and some small group programs for students working on social-emotional skill development. 

This week during House Assemblies and Pastoral Care Groups, all students were briefed on the “K.E.E.P. C.A.L.M. Interaction Plan.

The plan explains how students can keep themselves safe when they are interacting with Chesney, and how as a community, we can take care of Chesney to ensure that she is safe and enjoys a long and happy working life at Mt Maria. You can find the video of the presentation on the Mt Maria YouTube channel

Commonly asked questions or concerns 21 November 2023_.pdf

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