Guidance Counsellors

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Our Guidance Counsellors provide a comprehensive service by working in close collaboration with the College community to address student-related issues.  The Guidance Counsellors focus on fostering the development and mental health of all students, including those considered at-risk and those with special needs, through both systematic and individual interventions – thus contributing to equitable educational access, participation, and outcomes for all students.  All our Guidance Counsellors are certified mental health professionals with specialised knowledge and qualifications.  Our College Guidance Counsellors provide confidential services for students and their families that may including individual counselling, group programs, and assessments. More information about Guidance Counselling services and the limits of confidentiality can be found here: Informed Consent Brochure.pdf.  Students and parents can access Guidance Counselling services by contacting Student Reception, a House Coordinator, or the Guidance Counsellor directly. The Guidance Counsellor team for 2024 includes Mrs Deena Cooper, Ms Courtney Wilton, Mrs Martine Mackay and Mrs Angeline Lal. 

Guidance Counsellor contact details

​Deena Cooper (Benedict/Pelletier/Samaritan) -

Courtney Wilton (Lavalla/MacKillop) -

Martine Mackay (Champagnat/Montagne) -​

Angeline Lal (Samaritan​)  -​