House Coordinators


House Coordinators 

​​Pastoral Care for students in Years 7-12 is provided through a vertical six House system. This vertical approach sees the students of the College being encouraged and supported by their House Leader and Tutor Group teachers. The House Leader is responsible for the organisation of each House and the pastoral wellbeing of students in their House. House Leaders work alongside Curriculum Leaders, Guidance Counsellors, Inclusive Education Support Leaders, and the College Leadership Team who work together with parents to provide an infrastructure which aims to support every student in our College community.  Pastoral leaders.png

Rob Johnson  (Benedict) - ​​ 

Paul Carpenter (Acting Champagnat) - 

Helen Perry (Lavalla) - ​

James Brownlie (MacKillop) -​

Benn Jarrott (Montagne) -

Madonna Witham  (Pelletier) 

Paul Towner (Samaritan) ​

Tutor Group Teachers

Within each House, there are Tutor Groups which consist of approximately 25 students ranging from Years 7 to 12. The House Tutors work in partnership with the House Coordinator, undertaking the daily pastoral care of students. House Tutors should be the first point of contact for parents should a student wellbeing issue arise. The House system and Tutor Groups promote a strong sense of community which enhances student wellbeing.

Tutor Group is where students report to in the morning to be marked off on the roll, pray together, listen to the daily notices and important information and organise their books and other equipment for the day of learning ahead.​​