When students move their bodies aerobically, they strengthen their brains and improve their wellbeing in many ways. ​

Research consistently shows that exercise improves mood, concentration, and alertness as well as having benefits for cardiovascular and overall physical health.  Exercise also provides opportunities to connect with others and supports student's social connection and wellbeing.  Below are some of the activities provided at Mt Maria that supports students' physical wellbeing:

  • Students participate in South East Colleges Association of Sport (SECA Sport). This Association was established to facilitate and promote a spirit of camaraderie, competitiveness and support amongst the ten (10) Brisbane Catholic Education member schools.  Students who prefer non-competitive sports are given the opportunity to participate in alternative activities to support social connection and participation.
  • Students have the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular sport such as CONFRA and QISSN
  • House Carnivals e.g. Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.  ​