Mental wellness is about strengthening the connections within the brain itself.  When students closely focus on tasks in a goal-oriented way, such as through academic study, self-development and skill building they increase their wellbeing by taking on challenges that make deep connections in the brain. When students vary the focus of attention with this spectrum of mental activities, they are giving their brain lots of opportunities to develop in different ways that will support their overall resilience and ​wellbeing.  Below are some of the activities provided at Mt Maria that supports students mental wellbeing:

  • Daily practice of “silence and stillness" encourages students to 'be present' to themselves before God and reflect on their day
  • Student Personal Development program provides training in Mindfulness and Resilience Skills
  • HPE Curriculum teaches Mental Health and Wellbeing awareness
  • Unleashing Your Potential Workshops teach students skills for building growth mindsets, grit, wellbeing, healthy relationship skills and leadership skills
  • Elevate Study Skill Workshops help students improve their study techniques, increase motivation, build confidence, and lift exam performance​