Explanation of College Fees


Tuition Fee

Tuition Fees cover the recurrent costs within the College, examples include: council rates, water, gas, electricity, phones and some wages.

Brisbane Catholic Education Senior Surcharge

This is a Brisbane Catholic Education surcharge which helps to cover the additional administrative and staffing cost involved in senior education. 

Capital Levy 

The Capital Levy is use to help meet some of the cost of new buildings, refurbishment and maintenance of current buildings as well as servicing loans for these activities. This levy is not voluntary and, therefore, is not tax deductible. 

Resource and Activity Levy 

This levy covers the costs for all subject levies, school camps and excursions, end of year activities, academic competitions, in school sport programs (SECA), guest performances and guest speakers. The cost of camps, overnight excursions and end of year activities are not additional to the fees and are included in the levies.

ICLT Levy 

The Information Communication Learning Technologies levy assists the College in providing ICLT equipment and facilities. These funds are used to provide the additional resources and infrastructure required to ensure the computers and other technology devices work in the College environment. 

Laptop Levy

This levy relates to the 1:1 laptop purchases for all students at the College.

Parents and Friends Levy 

These funds are distributed by the Parents and Friends Association into areas that the association identifies as priorities. Every parent is automatically a member of this association and is invited to the monthly meetings held the second Monday of each month. 

Other Expenses ​

Other expenses include such things as Immersions (domestic & International), Instrumental Music Program, formals, graduation dinners, special personal development programs, representative sporting carnivals and recreational trips are not included in the College fees.  These can be paid via the College QKR App.

Issuing of Accounts 

Fees and levies are charged across the four school terms.  Parents may choose other options for payment e.g. full year, monthly, fortnightly or weekly. Please contact the College Finance Secretary for assistance in the calculation of payments.   
 Mt Maria College Mitchelton         54 Prospect Rd, Mitchelton QLD 4053            07 3550 3400 www.mtmaria.com.au

Methods of Payment

Direct Debit is the preferred method of payment for fees.  Forms can be downloaded from the College website. Payment may be made by cash (always pay in person and obtain a receipt, cash is only accepted at the Mitchelton campus), cheque or card. For your convenience, EFTPOS, Direct Debit, BPay and CentrePay facilities are available.  
All payments can also be made via the QKR App which can be downloaded. 

Multiple Family Enrolments 

Families with more than one student at the College receive a discount on Tuition fees. However, all other levies apply in full.  P&F Levies and Capital Levies are charged per family and not per student.

Overdue Accounts 

An Overdue Account is forwarded for accounts that are unpaid after the due date. Should accounts continue to remain outstanding, parents/carers should contact the Business Manager or the Principal to discuss the outstanding fees. 
Unfortunately, the College has had to call on the services of a Debt Collector to approach parents who refuse to communicate in these matters. 

Legal Fees 

In the event the College incurs costs and expenses as a result of pursuing outstanding fees from parents/guardians, the parents/guardians will be responsible for the payment of any and all such costs and expenses. 


In cases of financial hardship the College will consider offering a concession on Fees. Concessions are considered at the commencement of each year or when the hardship within the family occurs. Please contact the Business Manager to obtain an application. 


A 10% discount on annual Tuition fees is also offered if full fees for the year are paid at the beginning of the year and up until the first account is due.